Britt Collins | Animal Free, Billionaire Magazine
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Animal Free, Billionaire Magazine

Animal Free, Billionaire Magazine

A world where no animals are harmed for food is no longer a fever dream but a not-too-far-off inevitability. Surging population, worsening climate change and a spate of new diseases shaking up the US$50 trillion global meat and dairy industry are transforming the way we eat. In the UK alone, over half-a-million people now consider themselves vegan. We’re on the cusp of a food revolution: the promise of healthier, lab-grown alternatives beyond soya, tofu and tempeh that look and taste exactly like meat. Meat without animals isn’t a new concept. Winston Churchill had long ago predicted that humans would be growing their own meat rather than cultivating animals for it. I had always imagined foods of the future would be more like The Jetsons, created at the press of a button. The show was prescient about where technology was headed and the distillation of every Space Age fantasy Americans could dream up has arrived, sort of: faux meat, seafood, cheese and eggs that are tasty and convincing enough to potentially replace that which comes from farm animals.



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