Britt Collins | London’s Carnaby Street, Voyager
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London’s Carnaby Street, Voyager

London’s Carnaby Street, Voyager

THE HEARTBEAT OF THE SWINGING ’60S IN LONDON, Carnaby Street became an enduring symbol of youth culture. It was where the good, the great and the rebels gathered: the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix hung out and shopped among the artists, hipsters and models who made the street what it was.

Once home to a Dickensian pest house for plague victims and a burial ground, Carnaby Street has had a long and varied history of more than 500 years. But until 1960, this undistinguished alley consisted of little more than a row of rundown warehouses. It was in the early ’60s, when youth culture evolved to be so different from what came before, that the street came to prominence.

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