Britt Collins | Pet Grief, Sunday Times Style
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Pet Grief, Sunday Times Style

Pet Grief, Sunday Times Style

Britt Collins was more devasted by the death of her cat than being abandoned by her mother as a child

I am emotionally shattered. It’s the same seasick feeling I had after my mother left. When I was seven, she ran off with another man and took our five cats. She’d left a note for my father saying she no longer loved him. “It’s not your fault,” she wrote. “It’s Britt’s. I always hated her.” My father was heartbroken, although I just felt sad and hurt. I had long come to terms with being motherless – since I was a toddler she’d made it clear how little she cared and I learnt to make myself invisible.

I didn’t miss her, but I was crushed about losing the cats.

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